The Dark Side of Disney

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Can you name the Disney films that left out these events from the original stories?

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Event in the Original PlotDisney FilmExplanation
The hero dances on the villain's removed skin.
The heroine is impregnated by rape.
The hero decapitates a villain, then mutilates the head.
A hero feeds a severed body part to a wild animal.
The hero sires fifty children in one night.
A hero drives a character to alcoholism.
The hero is nearly fried and eaten.
The hero kills another character with a hammer.
The villain is eaten alive.
The heroine endures constant foot pain.
The hero's love interest is hanged.
Event in the Original PlotDisney FilmExplanation
The villain is crushed to death by buffalo.
The hero dies embracing his love interest's skeleton.
The villain is tortured to death.
A character endorses child abuse.
The heroine has no soul.
The heroine's mother-in-law attempts to eat her and her kids.
Characters slice off parts of their feet.
The hero's love interest marries his cousin instead.
A hero is euthanized by gunshot.
The hero kills his own children.
The hero bleeds slowly to death.

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