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Can you name the comic book characters with alliterative names?

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Protector of Hell's Kitchen
Real name of the above
The Fantastic Four's despotic nemesis
Doctor Strange's full name
Deadpool's real name
Spiderman's real name
Shapeshifting hero from the red planet
Real name of the above
Superman's bald-headed nemesis
Mr. Fantastic's real name
Scaly Batman villain
Black King of the Hellfire Club
Superman's most famous girlfriend
Superman's next-most-famous girlfriend
Cyclops' real name
Heroine also known as Binary and Warbird
Spiderman's cackling nemesis
Feminist heroine of the Amazons
Tony Stark's chauffeur
Tony Stark's secretary
Dr. Octopus' real name
Publisher of the Daily Bugle
Secretary of the above
Superman's human name
Shiny herald of Galactus
Invisible Woman's maiden name
Nite Owl II's real name
Mutant capable of duplicating himself
Captain Britain's real name
His sister Psylocke's real name
The Lizard's real name
Backwards-speaking sorceress
The Hulk's real name
Unspellable annoyer of Superman
Archangel's real name
The current Captain America

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