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Cute little boy that loves main character
Attractive Swedish forward from team Edgeraid
Female canine companion of the above
Midfielder from team Edgeraid
Defender from team Edgeraid
Forward from team Velshtein
Midfielder from team Velshtein
Defender from team Velshtein
Coach of team Velshtein with a secret past
The most important member of team Satomi
Douchy emo kid
Original forward from team Sledge Mamma
Midfielder from team Sledge Mamma
Defender from team Sledge Mamma
Forward from team Black Egg
Midfielder from team Black Egg
Defender from team Black Egg
Forward from team Skylark
Midfielder from team Skylark
Defender from team Skylark
Forward from team Satomi / Main character
Sister of above
Midfielder from team Satomi
Defender from team Satomi
Female owner of team Satomi with a pink cell phone and a sports car
Coach of team Satomi with a secret past
Head mechanic of team Satomi who also has a secret past
Useless, unattractive female character
Forward from team White Snow
Midfielder from team White Snow
Defender from team White Snow
Legendary IG pilot
IGPX announcer

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