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How much do you know about Team Starkid?

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Who plays...
Sami Reece 
Sweet Tooth 
Prince Achmed 
Moaning Myrtle 
Mrs Cole 
Who said... (Character)
Taz? Good I like Taz 
Who's that? I think I'm in love! 
This is a rescue mission! 
It'll feel goofy but It'll look so f****** good 
Is okay good? 
It's like that movie she's all that. 
Just a few cool guys, me and... Solomon Grundy 
Hey babe, such a beautiful night *Take off your clothes* 
She's my wife now. 
There are only two things I've ever loved. One of them is you 
I caught this villain trying to download Photoshop onto more than one computer 
Name the song
I'm falling in love with Hermione Granger 
Wait, Don't go. There's something I need you to know 
Take her to Paris and look up at the tower 
Through mouthfuls of Moonbeam pie! 
Robin you've parted the clouds 
And it might be slightly different from the things that you may know 
So with your permission I'd like to bring back your bride. 
Is how to make them see, The girl that I can be. 
You don't know what you're fighting for, what you came here for feeling all alone 
You never once were nice. You never cared at all. 
What object is being referred to? The missing words are give-aways not necessarily the answer
------ what can't they do? 
Well the ----- says that's dumb. 
The crashed starship, that's what you wanted to show me. Because there are --------- there. 
Is that a flying --------? 
It just sorta lets you talk to ghosts. 
I'd feed myself to Aragog's children for that ---- 
I know where you can find Harry Potter. In your Neighbourhood ------- this fall. 
Complete that quote
Where have you been all my life? Oh, In a cupboard under some --- 
He steals bread, ------- off of clothes lines and even ---- 
Someone already took the twitter name Superman and they just tweet about ------ ------- --- -----. 
Probably the work of that imfamous... 
You'd think killing people would make them like you. But it doesn't it just makes .... 
A Portkey can be a seemingly harmless object like a ------ or a -------- 
I want to have -------- ------- with you 
Flattery will get you --------- 
You're acting like -------- on a --------- 
That thing is a ----------. You can't fool me with ------- Krayonder 
To me that doesn't seem entirely healthy, especially seeing as he's a ----- 
General Knowledge
What flavour bean did Harry Get? 
Over which land does Achmed rule? 
Which four people could be calling Liam? 
Who presents Tasty Tests?(first + surnames) 
Who cheated at the Doughnut challenge 
Who dived on the bed during the Doghnut challenge? 
Who wore blue sunglasses during the Chubby Bunny challenge? 
Darren Criss doesn't care whether you are Gay, Straight, Purple, Orange or ? 
At what age was Aladdin orphaned? 
Who thinks there is always a reason to smile? 
What is the one candy used in a HMB pun that isn't actually named? 
After destroying the Zefron poster which poster did Ron say he could never destroy? 
What is the name of Specs' special device? 
What does Aladdin not like in bread? 

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