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Can you name the kpop song from it's commonly misheard part?

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TimeSongCommonly Misheard As
(00:04-00:07)Listen, enjoy the mayo
(00:12-00:15)Butterfly pooped a spider
(00:20-00:24)Sweet cherry blossoms, then eat 'em and choke and die
(00:29-00:31)Eat meat rainbow
(00:34-00:37)Lipstick chicken butter roll
(00:42-00:45)You’re the hottest ice cream ninja
(00:49-00:55)You’re so gay cause you’re a dumb hoe now
(01:00-01:02)Orange chicken
(01:06-01:08)Anime, anime, anime
TimeSongCommonly Misheard As
(01:13-01:16)I’m in love, noona, come get your shots baby
(01:21-01:23)She’s a cat burglar
(01:28-01:30)Boy you gotta be a whale
(01:34-01:36)Combusken and Bulbasaur
(01:40-01:44)Open your rice
(01:49-01:51)Soy un dorito
(01:55-01:58)We go hard to the coffee house
(02:02-02:04)I like this bitch
(02:08-02:11)Shut up baby

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