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Can you name the The Movies named for Doctors??

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Peter Sellers plays the lead and several other characters.
Fredric March won a Best Actor Oscar for the 1931 version of this movie
This movie and Mary Shelly's book are named for the doctor, not the monster
Omar Sharif as a character from a Boris Pasternak Book
Named for the Dr that studied Human Sexual Behavior at Indiana University
Rex Harrison talks to animals
Dan Aykroyd is the lead in this Jekyll and Hyde type movie
This movie based on a TV show is about Dr. Kimble, but the title is a description of him
Richard Burton plays this title Dr. that sells his soul to the devil to get Liz Taylor
A John Carradine movie about a vampire doctor
This movie garnered 7 Oscar Nominations, although the Title Nobel Prize winner is usually known as Madame and not Doctor, the same is true with the movie's title.
The first James Bond film

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