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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder where all the clues are presented in sports terms?

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Sports Hint4-Letter Word
At the start of a race, the gas tank should be this
Fighting one of these is a sport in Spain
Object used in many sports
In a boat race some row, but if your boat is sinking you might do this
Letters from fans
When on the road, she cleans an athlete's hotel room
They protest players with DUIs
FGA's are Field Goal Attempts, 2 or 3 points are awarded for Field Goals ___
A gladiator could have used one of these to bludgeon opponents
Baseball's all time winningest manager, Connie ____
In football one could be half, tail or full
Types of dogs are common sports team nicknames, but players rarely make this sound
Superbowl XLVII had a power failure so the stadium became this
A word to describe wet and cold, not a tense of a slammed basketball
If the crew was not fast enough performing rung 4, their boat did this
In golf, it is in a trap known as a bunker
At the start of an auto race, someone ____ 'Gentlemen, start your engines'
Despite that the runner ___ they were still out
Sometimes basketball players do this on a wet floor
The type of pool or billiards where one need not call their shot
At the end of a race, one should do this

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