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O'Toole's first Oscar Nomination was for playing T. E. Lawrence in what film?Lawrence of Arabia
O'Toole won a Primetime Emmy for his role in what TV movie named for a female French warrior and Catholic Saint?Joan of Arc
O'Toole was nominated for a Razzie for his role in 'Club Paradise', what star of that film received his first Oscar nomination the next year for 'Good Morning Vietnam'?Robin Williams
O'Toole was next nominated for playing King Henry II, again, what was the name of the film?The Lion in Winter
O'Toole was nominated for a Golden Globe for playing Don Quixote in what musical?Man of La Mancha
O'Toole was in what film that was Oscar nominated for its costumes and starred Brad Pitt as Achilles?Troy
O'Toole was next nominated for playing Arthur Chipping in what film?Goodbye, Mr. Chips
That film won 7 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director, what was the name of the Director?David Lean
What was the name of the actress that won an Oscar playing Eleanor of Aquitaine in the above film? Katharine Hepburn
O'Toole's last Oscar nomination came for a role in a movie that shares its name with what Planet?Venus
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What actor, that won a posthumous Best Actor Oscar, starred in Peter O'Toole's first film? Peter Finch
O'Toole was next nominated for playing King Henry II, what was the name of the film?Becket
What was the name of the actor nominated in the Title role of the above film?Richard Burton
O'Toole was not always the King, he co-starred in what movie with Golden Globe winner John Goodman as the title King?King Ralph
O'Toole also had a starring role in what 1987 (1988 Award Year) Best Picture Oscar winner?The Last Emperor
O'Toole was the voice of Anton Ego in what Oscar winning Pixar film?Ratatouille
His co-star in the above film was the actress and singer that had a string of hit songs including 'Downtown', what is her name?Petula Clark
Peter O'Toole's first film role was as Robin MacGregor in adaptation of what Robert Louis Stevenson Book?Kidnapped
This actress was nominated for a Golden Globe as the Title Character in the above TV movie?Leelee Sobieski
Not all movie awards are created equal, O'Toole was nominated for a DVD Premiere Award opposite winner Joan Plowright in what Rock N Roll movie?Rock My World

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