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Can you name the facts about lasagna?

Quiz Updated Jul 29, 2017

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Lasagna noodles are
A) Flat or B) Bow-tie Shaped
Lasagna is most often
A) Fried or B) Baked
National Lasagna Day is a
A) Religious Holiday or B) Secular Holiday
Lasagna is good for
A) Breakfast or B) Dinner
Lasagna originated in this Italian city
A) Turin or B) Naples
The italian plural of the Italian word lasagna is
A) Lasagnas or B) Lasagne
Many people compare this Greek dish to Lasagna
A) Pastitsio or B) Dolma
National Lasagna Day in the USA is celebrated on
A) July 29th or B) December 25th
This cartoon cats favorite food is Lasagna
A) Garfield or B) Sylvester
Lasagna is traditionally served
A) Cold or B) Hot

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