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Demographics and History
Fresno's County  
The 2016 rank among California's most populous cities 
The year Fresno was incorporated as a city 
Fruit found on Fresno's seal 
The valley that Fresno is located in 
Fresno was founded to serve this purpose for the Central Pacific Railroad 
It's the demonym for someone from Fresno 
Agriculture and Industry
In 1958 Bank of America launched the BankAmericard credit card in Fresno. What is the current name of the company that began as BankAmericard? 
The Santa Fe Passenger Depot, also known as Fresno station, is a staffed train station served by this major U.S. passenger railroad 
This seller of dried fruit which features a woman in a red bonnet and white blouse is a Fresno area company 
This nut is the largest agricultural crop in greater Fresno 
This poultry products company known for not injecting water or anti-biotics into their chickens and chicken products is a major Fresno employer 
This newspaper started in 1922 is the largest local newspaper 
Three of Fresno's four largest employers, including Kaiser Permanente, operate in this field 
Famous People
In 1969 this man bought MGM studios and built the MGM Casino empire 
Hall of Fame basketball coach most famous for his time at UNLV and his struggles with the NCAA 
This actor was most famous for playing the title character in Mannix 
Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning author of such works as The Human Comedy and The Time of Your Life 
Dancer, rapper and model best known for his marriage to Britney Spears 
The creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks 
Baseball Hall of Famer most closely associated with Tinker and Evers 
The word Fresno is Spanish for this type of tree 
The nickname of the sports teams for California State University, Fresno 
Fresno has one of the largest U.S. populations of this Asian ethnic group featured in the movie Gran Torino 
In 1937, the first modern one of these trash disposal sites opened in Fresno. It is currently a National Historic Landmark as well as a Superfund site 
Fresno's international airport's name includes the name of this nearby National Park 
Aeroméxico and Volaris offer air service from Fresno to Guadalajara in this country  
Fresno's oldest professional sports team is the Fresno Grizzlies. What sport do the Grizzlies play? 

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