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QUIZ: Can you name the missing words to phrases featuring all 15 Sporcle categories?

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PhraseMissing WordCategory and Clue
____ is the type of entertainment that cartoons are a part ofEntertainment - The word's origin is in continuous motion
Mario and ____ are video game plumbersGaming - If Mario is not the surname, why are they Mario Brothers?
Monrovia is the Capital of ______Geography - A West African Nation started for emancipated slaves
The ____ Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian AmericaHistory - Machu Picchu was part of this Tribes Empire
Thanksgiving falls in October in Canada and ____ in the United StatesHoliday - Month named for the number nine.
____ Challenges test your speed and accuaracyJust For Fun - Its what your keyboard is used for
____ is the fourth-most-widely spoken language in the worldLanguage - It is one of the Native Languages of India
East of ____Literature - John Steinbeck Novel
____ is one of the sub-categories of MiscellaneousMiscellaneous - It is what we eat
Academy of Motion Picture ____ and SciencesMovies - The organization that presents the Oscars
The ____ museum is named Hitsville USAMusic - Record label named for Detroit's automotive nickname.
The Spanish ____ was a tribunal to combat heresyReligion - Monty Python catch phrase 'Nobody expects the Spanish ____!'
Lawrencium is named for Lawrence Berkeley National ____Science - This word is commonly abbreveated as 'lab'
Yastrzemski is hard to spell so many games accept ______Sports - Baseball nickname
All In The ____Television - The first letters from the answers to the other 14 categories spell this show

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