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He told the officer he had to hit it, but if he turned the wheel, the collision would have been ____A
If you want a lie to be convincing, make it ____B
In San Francisco many ride the famous ____ CarsC
I need quiet so please ___ the speakersD
The 'D' answer should help or ___ you to get this oneE
When desiring a ____, Aesop's The Boy Who Cried Wolf has endured for over 2500 yearsF
Many Soldiers had a poster of Betty ___ during World War IIG
The desert can be harsh and water scarce, but about 1.5 million people in Phoenix found it ____H
Because of the Watergate Scandal, just like bad testimony, President Nixon was ___I
At first it looked like murder, but given the circumstances the killing was ___J
Some find God hard to comprehend, but many find God to be ____K
I did not care for her, but he was ___L
Tom was usually happy, but as a result of the flu he was ___M
Some are ordinary while others are ___N
In an experiment one can only document ____ resultsO
Computers were once stationary, but tablets are very ___P
Some movie lines are easily forgettable, but great lines are ___Q
She's very ______, you can always count on her to do what she says she'll do.R
Don't put that there, it might collapse, it isn't _____S
Some say ____ Tennis, while others say Ping PongT
It was great when they spliced Natalie and Nat King Cole together on the song ____U
They thought the solution impossible, but results proved it ____V
I prefer synthetics to wool because when they need to be cleaned they are ___W
The pagoda was far away, but my camera was ____ up to 100 times so the shot came out as if it were near byZ
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