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QUIZ: Can you name the missing word to these things that contain the words public or private?

Quiz Updated Nov 8, 2017

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HintMissing WordExtra Info
Private First ____ (PFC)U.S. Army Rank
Private ____A book and film about Howard Stern
Private Branch ____ (PBX)A telephone switching system
Private ____A detective
Public ____Intellectual property whose rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable
____ Q. PublicTerm denoting the 'common man'
Private ____A Grey's Anatomy spin-off
Private ____Personal air transport owned by individual or company
Private ____A film starring Goldie Hawn
Public ____ (PR)Publicity and information management
HintMissing WordExtra Info
Public ____ Office (PRO)The national archive service of the United Kingdom from 1838 until 2003
Public ____Busses, undergrounds, etc.
Public ____A hip hop group that featured Chuck D and Flavor Flav
My Own Private _____Shakespeare-inspired film starring River Phoenix
____ Public Accountant (CPA)A title/credential for certain accountants
Public ____ Administration (PWA)Part of the New Deal of 1933
Public ____ Office (PCO)A public telephone box in Pakistan or India
National Public ____, Inc.Owner of NPR
____ Public Offering (IPO)The launch of a stock
Public ____ of Affection (PDA)Kissing or other acts of affection in front of others

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