Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Stand Up for Yourself or Die?

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Can you figure out the 4-letter words in this ladder?

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Hint4-Letter WordRung
Rung 1 + Rung 34; behind a home
Rung 1 + Rung 18; spine
It's worse than a dog's bite?2
Rung 3 + Rung 1; ride without a saddle3
A female horse4
Man or boy5
1760 yards6
Rung 7 + Rung 18; dog biscuit7
To cheat one out of money8
An illegal move by a pitcher9
Rung 10 + Rung 1; sass10
Not short11
Rung 12 + Rung 18; coccyx
Rung 12 + Rung 1: ball carrier
Rung 13 + Rung 34; Train depot13
A surprise attack14
South African currency15
Musical group16
Join together17
Hint4-Letter WordRung
Rung 1 + Rung 18; nerve
Rung 18 + Rung 34; cemetery
You can lick ice cream from this19
Rung 20 + Rung 1; a type of chair20
You can't eat this and have it too21
Rung 22 + Rung 1; seize what was once yours22
Strong and healthy24
Rung 25 + Rung 1; football position25
Young bovine26
Rung 27 + Rung 1; second audition27
Rung 28 + Rung 34; Fenway Park or Wrigley Field28
A bundle29
A source of ruin30
A narrow road or path31
Neither air nor sea32
Pig fat33
Rung 1 + Rung 34; behind a home
Rung 18 + Rung 34; cemetery

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