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Can you pick the facts 'A', 'B' or 'C' about Nevada that are true as the state celebrates 150 years of statehood?

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This Nevadan was elected Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate A) Dean Heller, B) Paul Laxalt or C) Harry Reid
Nevada is home to the oldest known non-clonal organisms in the world A) Bristlcone Pines, B) Joshua Trees or C) Yucca Plants
Over 800,000 people visit Reno for this classic car event A) Cruisin' Reno, B) Hot August Nights or C) Nevada Car Show
Star Trek Generations and Total Recall both had scenes filmed at this park in Nevada A) Great Basin B) Red Rock Canyon or C) Valley of Fire
Nevada's Land Grant College (currently called The University of Nevada) was established in this city in 1874 A) Elko, B) Reno or C) Winnemucca
The Most Populous City in Nevada is A) Henderson, B) Las Vegas or C) Reno
This writer first used his pen name while living in Virginia City, NV A) Dr. Seuss B) W. E. B. Griffin or C) Mark Twain
This rodeo world championship is held annually in Las Vegas in December A) Helldorado Days, B) The Wrangler NFR or C) PBR World Championship
This air demonstration squadron of the United States Air Force (USAF) is based at Nellis AFB in Nevada A) Blue Angels, B) Flying Tigers or C) Thunderbirds
This event in the Black Rock Desert is held annually on Labor Day Weekend A) Burning Man, B) Electric Daisy Carnival or C) Reno Air Show
Because he refused to leave the hotel, and to avoid conflicts with the owners, he bought the Desert Inn in early 1967 A) Elvis Presley, B) Kirk Kerkorian or C) Howard Hughes
Nevada has approximately the same area as this country A) Ecuador, B) Kyrgyzstan or C) Spain
Nevada's most populous county is A) Clark, B) Nye or C) Washoe
Nevada was part of A) California Republic, B) New Mexico Territory or C) Utah Territory
Area 51 where the USAF has a top secret base where many believe space aliens were studied is located at A) Ely, B) Groom Lake or C) Yucca Mountain
Nevada legalized casino gambling in A)1864, B) 1931 or C) 1946
This lake partially in Nevada was created by Hoover Dam A) Lake Mead, B) Lake Mohave or C) Lake Tahoe
Nevada was granted statehood to help the Union in the Civil War, as such the State Flag contains this phrase A) Battle Born, B) People are Free or C) Union Forever
The world's largest casino company is this company which started with William Harrah in Reno A) Caesars Entertainment, B) Las Vegas Sands or C) MGM Resorts International
Nevada is in the A) Mountain Time Zone, B) Pacific Time Zone and C) Western Time Zone

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