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Can you name each word or phrase given only the letters D C L X V and I?

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Word/Phrase with DCLXVIWord/PhraseHint
Vi_ _ _ _ _Country
C_ic_ _ _Windy City
Vic_ _ _ i aLong reigning Queen
_illi _ _c_ _dA very short time period
Di_c_ _ _ _Find
_ _ _c_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _i_ _d
Popular Football Club
_ _ _ic _di_ _ _Position once held by rockgolf
C_li_ _ _ _i_State
_illi_ _ _i_ _A wealthy person
Word/Phrase with DCLXVIWord/PhraseHint
_ _ _ _ cl _Quiz site
Di_ _ic_l_Not easy
D_c_ _ _ _ _Month
_idli_ _ C_i_i_Reason to buy a sports car
_ _ _ _ _vid_ _Uruguay
_ _ _ _ _lic_ _GOP
D_ci_ _lMeasure of sound
D_ _ _c_ _ _Clinton or Kennedy
Li_c_l_U.S. President

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