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The highest populated US city named after an American Indian is this city in the Northwest
When jumping out of a plane US Paratroopers shout this Apache's name
In 1988, IGRA became Federal Law allowing US tribes to operate this type of business
This Nez Perce Chief made the speech that ended; 'I will fight no more forever'
Cradle boards and other child carriers, which were used by Native American Indians are commonly referred to by this 7-letter word
This rhyming, sometimes written as two-word and sometimes as a two syllable word, term is a gathering of American Indians
This was the site of the last battle of the American Indian Wars as well as a 1973 Siege
Inspired by Sitting Bull, tribes defeated George Armstrong Custer's 7th Calvary in this Battle
This tribe, federally recognized in both Oklahoma and Florida, is associated with a major state University in Florida
Less than 20 miles from Mount Rushmore is the unfinished stone Memorial to this Lakota Warrior that Neil Young's band was named for
This American Indian is said to have saved John Smith
This Shoshone woman famously served on the Lewis and Clark Expedition
The forced relocation of tribes from the South Eastern U.S. to Oklahoma is referred to by this three-word term
This Ottawa Chief led a famous rebellion against the British and inspired a GM Auto Division.
As a result of the obscurity of American Indian Languages, the U.S. Marines used many tribes including Navajo as “Code talkers” in this war
Paul Revere and The Raiders sang about this tribe, the U.S.'s largest
The main grain in the diet of Native tribes of the Americas was this 5-letter food, also known as corn
This is the name for the conical tent that many Great Plains' tribes used as dwellings
This item resembling a spider web is an Ojibwa item used to prevent suffering nightmares
To celebrate California's rich tribal history, in 1968 Ronald Reagan signed the bill declaring the 4th Friday of September as this Holiday

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