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Can you pick the people born in modern day France (F) from those born elsewhere (N)?

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PersonF or N
Jacques Cartier, 16th-century explorer of North America
Céline Dion, Singer
Louis Jolliet, 17th-century explorer of North America
Tony Parker, NBA basketball player
Louis Vuitton, Fashion designer
Yves Saint Laurent, Fashion designer
Olivia de Havilland, Academy Award winning actress
Helen Folasade Adu (Sade), Singer
Vincente Minnelli, Academy Award winning director
Marcel Renault, Automaker
Auguste Rodin, Sculptor
Lafayette, Military figure
René Auberjonois, Emmy Award winning actor
Nicolas Appert, Father of canning
Yannick Noah, Tennis player
Victor Hugo, Author
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Painter
Boris Diaw, NBA basketball Player
André Previn, Academy Award winning composer
Alexandre Dumas, Author
PersonF or N
Marcel Marceau, Mime
Jean-Claude Killy, Skiier
Clete Boyer, MLB baseball player
Marie Curie, Noble Prize winning scientist
Henri Nestlé, Founder of world's largest food company
Jeanne d'Arc, Military figure and Saint
Coco Chanel, Fashion designer
Napoléon Bonaparte, Emperor
Charles Boyer, Academy Award winning actor
Leslie Caron, Academy Award nominated actress
Yves Montand, Actor and singer
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty sculptor
Joakim Noah, NBA basketball player
Jacques Marquette, 17th-century explorer of North America
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Martial artist and actor
André the Giant, Professional wrestler
E.I. du Pont, Founder of Du Pont chemical company
Albert Camus, Noble Prize winning author
Louis-Joseph Chevrolet, Automaker
Charles de Gaulle, President and military figure

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