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HintNeurochemical Messenger
Involved in the regulation of sleep, mood, attention, and learning
Too much of this triggers agitated states
Low levels of this are linked to anxiety
Stimulates the firing of neurons and is involved in muscle action, learning, and memory
Has a key role in exciting many neurons to fire and is involved in learning and memory
Helps control voluntary movement; affects sleep, mood, attention, and learning; ability to recognize rewarding experiences
Regulates states of sleep and wakefulness
HintNeurochemical Messenger
Simultaneously a hormone and neurotransmitter; plays an important role in love and social bonding
Low levels of this are linked to Parkinson's disease
Plays a key function in the brain by inhibiting many neurons from firing
Substances that depress nervous system activity and eliminate pain; elevate feelings of pleasure
Inhibits the firing of neurons in the nervous system; excites the heart, muscles, intestines, and urogenital tract
Related to lactating and breast feeding
Low levels are associated with depression

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