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Where will you usually find the primary cathedral in a town?
Asunción is the capital of which nation?
Who was the Guatemalan woman that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992?
Which peninsula did the Mayans inhabit?
What does the white stand for in the Mexican flag?
What is a torero?
Who was the first Latin American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?
When does one eat desayuno?
Is it cheaper to sit in sol or sombra at a bullfight?
What are plaintains or plátanos in South America?
What is distinctive about enchilades suizas?
What is traditionally not eaten during Lent in many Hispanic countries?
Where do Mexicans go on All Souls Day?
Name the language of the largest South American country that does not speak Spanish.
What famous Puerto Rican woman played in West Side Story?
Which group sang with Tony Orlando?
Where did the Moors come from?
What is Colombia's biggest legal export?
What would you beat with a molinillo?
What is Real Madrid?
What is menudo?
With what do you play castanets?
In which country does the Amazon River begin?
What is a teatro de marionetas?
What is the northernmost Latin American country?
What miniature dog originated in Mexico?
What is a Doma?
In what year did Panama assume control of the Canal Zone?
What is ceviche?
What is the main ingredient in the drink atole?
What strait is located between Spain and Morocco?
What is a tortilla española?
From what country does saffron come?
What is the shape of churros?
What Chilean province, famed for its giant statues, is located over 2000 miles west of the South American coast?
What metal is mined near Taxco?
This Argentine doctor was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1970
Name the mountain range that divides France and Spain
Name a famous egg custard of the Spanish-speaking world
How did Pancho Villa die?
What is the largest city in Spain?
What are chicharrones?
What place in the city is a ruedo?
What would you buy at a carnicería?
Name the musical instrument that Andres Segovia played.
What is the flavor of alioli sauce?
The city of Granada housed which Moorish palace?
How many Spanish-speaking countries are there in South America?
Many Puerto Rican players of this sport have had successful careers in the States.
Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of which country?
What color beans are generally used in Cuba?
What is the capital of Nicaragua?
Which part of the chile is hotter, the flesh or the seeds?
What are the two main staples of the Mexican diet?
What would you buy at a lechería?
What is chorizo?
Who is the Nicaraguan writer known as the father of Modernism?
What is a mango?
What is a cold vegetable soup from Andalucia?
Where is the most famous Roman aqueduct in Spain?
What instrument did Pablo Casals play?
What was Julio Iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
What is sung on a person's birthday in Mexico?
What country shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain?
What would you find at the Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City?
What is bachata?
Name the most successful and internationally known Spanish filmmaker.
Where did paella become a specialty?
What is a gaseosa?
What is the Spanish term for a person of mixed European and American descent?
For what reason do Spanish people eat grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve?
What spice is used in Spanish hot chocolate?
When do you say 'buen provecho'?
What is the nationality of the famous 1970's group 'Menudo'?
In what are tamales wrapped?
What is the largest country in Central America?
How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?
What beverage was reserved for priests and royalty among the Aztecs?
Who were Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltasar?
Where would one find a salida de los toros?
Which South American countries have no outlet to the sea?
What Spanish name is equivalent to Paul?
What main avenue in Mexico City was built by Maximilian?
What is the capital of Peru?
This Spanish physician is considered one of the founders of modern neuroscience
What are the colors in Bolivia's flag?
What is sold and made at a pastelería?
Which lake lies between Peru and Bolivia?
Who led the northern revolutionary troops in the Mexican Civil War?
What two animals appear on the Mexican flag?
What are Bolera, Fandango, and Flamenco?
What is the profession of El Cordobés?
What poems became the words to the song 'Guantanamera'?
Chocolate is one of the many ingredients in which Oaxacan sauce?
Which important 20th century Spanish writer was executed during the Spanish Civil War?
What are the afternoon discussions held in a house or salon?
Quito is the capital of which South American country?
On which continent is Spain located?
What is the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America?
When would a Spanish person have a merienda?
What South American country is named after Simon Bolivar?
What drink is often served with churros?
In what country is a canal located that the U.S. completed?
What are the two main ingredients in arroz con pollo?
Who is the director of El Laberinto del Fauno or Pan's Labyrinth?
In what country is the lost city of Machu Picchu?
In what North American city is Chapultepec Park?
What is the main ingredient in pozole?
What is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere?
What is the river that forms part of the border between Mexico and the U.S.?
From what kind of plant is tequila extracted?
From where is the Jarabe Tapatío?
What dance mimics the bullfight?
San Juan is the capital of which Caribbean island?
What is Enrique Iglesias' nationality?
What does RENFE refer to?
What are tapas in Spain?
Which three countries border Spain?
What was the nationality of the poet Jose Martí?
What is the body of water between Baja California and the Mexican mainland?
In which city is El Prado located?
From what do Nicaragua's Sandinistas take their name?
Which South American nation is a member of OPEC?
The official language of the largest South American country is not Spanish. Name the country.
What is masa harina?
What is the nut used for mazapán?
Who wrote Don Juan Tenorio?
What is the largest fresh-water lake in South America?
In bullfighting, what is the name of the stick hidden in a little red cape?
What is the national airline of Spain?
In which U.S. state is the largest concentration of Cuban-Americans?
What is the main ingredient of sopa de ajo?
What would one drink through a bombilla?
What does the red stand for in the Mexican flag?
What Spanish city is the site of Garcia Lorca's birth and death?

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