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This ballet by Tchaikovsky is first performed at the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. PetersburgJanuary 15
This journalist, inspired by Jules Vernes' novel Around the World in Eighty Days, circumnavigates the Earth in 72 daysJanuary 25
This Midwestern city is selected as the host site for the 1893 Columbian World's ExpositionFebruary 24
Kaiser Wilhelm II dismisses this highly influential politician and long-standing Chancellor of GermanyMarch 20
Yorkshire defeats Gloustershire in the first official match of the County Championship in this sportMay 12
The U.S. government begins to use Herman Hollerith's 'tabulating machine' in this process that occurs every ten yearsJune 1
This book, Oscar Wilde's only novel, is published by Lippincott's Monthly magazine in PhiladelphiaJune 20
This groundbreaking piece of legislation becomes law in the United StatesJuly 2
This U.S. state, well-known for its potatoes, is admitted into the UnionJuly 3
Nicknamed the 'Equality State', this state becomes the 44th state admitted to the UnionJuly 10
This famed Dutch artist dies after having shot himself two days priorJuly 29
In a New York prison, William Kemmler becomes the first person executed by this methodAugust 6
This prolific writer of detective novels and future Dame of the British Empire is bornSeptember 15
The Turkish frigate Ertogrul sinks off the coast of this Asian island nationSeptember 19
This future five-star general and United States President is born in Denison, TX October 14
At the age of 10, this princess becomes Queen of the Netherlands, beginning a reign that will last for 48 yearsNovember 23
Heinrich Schliemann, a German archaeologist who had excavated this location of Homeric legend, dies in ItalyDecember 26
153 Lakota Sioux are killed by U.S. cavalrymen while participating in a Ghost Dance at this South Dakota locationDecember 29

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