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Involves a company both in the development of new products and in selling those products to new companies.
The process of discovering a principle. A technical advance in a particular field often resulting in a novel product.
An individual working outside or inside an organization who is committed to the invention of a novel product and often becomes isolated because he or she is engrossed with ideas th
The creation of new, modified or updated products aimed mainly at a company’s existing customers.
Increasing sales to existing customers or finding new customers for an existing product.
An influential individual, usually working within an organization, who develops an enthusiasm for a particular idea or invention
Flexible designs that can be adapted to changing technical and market requirements.
Markets divide up into smaller segments where the purchasers have similar characteristics and tastes.
Someone who needs some convincing before embracing technological change.
The business of putting an invention in the marketplace and making it a success.
The design contains those implicit features of a product that are recognized as essential by a majority of manufacturers and purchasers.
Long-term aims and objectives of a company and ways of achieving them by allocation of resources.
The wide acceptance (and sale) of a product.
Where the impetus for a new design emanates from a technological development.
A broad way of categorizing the kinds of market the company is aiming for.
Finding new applications for existing products, thereby opening up new markets.
Someone who resists all technological change.
A group of products having common classification criteria. Members normally have many common parts and assemblies.
The development of a new product is generated by a demand from the market.
Someone who immediately welcomes a technological change.

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