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'What's the mission?'
'Moving ground zero.'
'We'll have to settle this the hard way.'
'The turtle always wins.'
'Our work is vital.'
'Spin me round!'
'Everybody dance now!'
'A starving croc is never pleasant...'
'Here to solve the world's problems!'
'Death is not the end for you.'
'Securing the sector!'
'Purge these heretics!'
'Cannon greased and ready to fire.'
'Steady, just steady.'
'Tube launchers primed.'
'The might of the gods.'
'Initializing nano systems!'
'Let me hear it loud and clear.'
'Hope and despair.'
'Such a useless life.'
'Let us send them... a message.'
'Kill them before they kill us!'
'Another one, just in case.'
'Unleash the killer within!'
'I am the one, I loom over all.'
'Put 'em on ice!'
'Shell shock!'
'It will be over quickly.'
'Their landing might be a bit rough.'
'Even if I lose, I won't!'
'Fully advised and briefed.'
'Wonder what the boiling point on that one is.'
'Too fast and too furious.'
'Technology for peace.'
'You can only hide behind the sun.'
'We will lead the charge!'
'Guns? Too modern to my taste.'
'The shark comes to land.'
'The end of the world as they know it.'
'Death is cheap.'
'I can hack anything!'
'Deep sea vessel standing by.'
'Silence is the best medicine.'
'I am their personal space!'
'Burn them down!'
'The cavalry has arrived!'
'Can't match our strength.'
'The winds heed my command!'

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