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John Egbert
Pre-Punched Card 
Unknown Formula 
Pogo Ride && Hammer 
Pogo Ride || Hammer 
Ghost Shirt && Suit 
Ghost Suit || Wise Guy book 
Glasses && PDA 
Sledgehammer || Telescope && Sassacre Textbook 
Gushers && Blue Extoplasm 
Fake Arm && Blue Ectoplasm || PDA 
[Spoiler] && Bathroom Mirror 
Umbrella && Straight Razor 
Gushers && Shaving Cream 
Ghost Dad Poster && Computer 
Dad's Hat && Problem Sleuth Game 
Pogo Hammer || Iron 
Received from Future Dave 
Warhammer of Zillyhoo, Flourite Octet, and possibly something else 
Rose Lalonde
Pre-Punched Card 
Laptop && Power Hub 
Bronze Vacuum && Umbrella 
Salamander || Eldritch Plush 
Ink Bottle && Gushers 
Hubtop && Hairband 
Magnetic W && Bottle of Vodka 
Wizard Statue && Ball of Yarn 
Wizard Statue || Knitting Needle 
Knittings && Velvet Pillow || Squiddle Shirt 
Needlewands && Grimoire 
Dave Strider
Pre-Punched Card 
Sunglasses && iPhone 
Timetables && Computer 
Puppet Tux || Red Smuppet 
Caledscratch && Ruby Contraband 
**** Sword && Hella Jeff Drawing 
Snoop Dogg photo && Mini A/C || Caledscratch 
Skateboard && Hella Jeff drawing 
Gamebro Magazine && Timetables 
Batarang && Midnight Crew Poster 
Plush Puppet Tux && Midnight Crew Poster 
Plush Puppet Tux && Felt poster 
Smuppet && Felt Poster 
Various dead things && Smuppet 
Various dead things || Smuppet 
Fetus in a Jar && Mr. T Puppet 
Camera && Captchalogue Card 
Fetus in a Jar && Self Portrait Photo 
Brain in a Jar && SBaHJ Drawing || Captcharoid Camera 
Jade Harley
Fluffy Ball Plus Headband Earmuffs 
Earmuffs && Lunchtop 
Circuit Johnny 5 Ghost Image && Lunch Top 
Iron Man Suit && Jade's Outfit 
Daughter of Eclectica && Jade's Outfit 
Rose's Crystal Ball && Magic 8 Ball 
Rose's Crystal Ball && Jade's Glasses 
Sooth Specs && Lunchtop 
Wolf Head Trophy && Lunchtop || Jade's Shirt 
Wolf Head Trophy && Lunchtop || Jade's Shoes 
Midnight Crew Poster && Hunting Rifle 
Dutton Photo && Squiddle 
Decrepit Mummy && Midnight Crew Poster || Jade's Outift 
Green Sun Bedsheets && Girl's Best Friend 
Dress of Eclectica && The Felt Poster || Transparent Magic 8 Ball 
Mecha && Green Sun Streetsweeper || Iron Lass Suit 
Dutton Photo && Sooth Specs 
Karkat Vantas
Sickle and Thresh Prince DVD 
Sickle and Jack Noir's Regisword 
Laptop and Something crab related 
Sickle and Something crab related 
Terezi Pyrope
Cane and Scalemate 
Computer and Glasses (Assumed) 
Gamzee Makara
Unicycle and Something rocket related 
Tavros Nitram
Rocket Boots and Wheelchair 
Host Plush and Jousting Lance 
Kanaya Maryam
Lipstick, Mariorb, and something else 
Aradia Megido
Music Box and Unknown 
Nepeta Leijon
Claw Gloves and Unknown 
Feferi Piexes
Trident and Something from Sollux's planet 
Equius Zahhak
Computer and Glasses (Assumed) 

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