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Can you name the DDR Boss Songs (US)?

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GameSong NameHint
DDRMAXThe non vocal version of a song by Riyu Kosaka
DDRMAXSong has the BPM in the Title
DDRMAX 2remix of a classical song by Chopin
DDRMAX 2The sequel to #2
DDR EXTREMEThe first of the 'Survivor' songs (followed by PARANOiA later)
DDR EXTREMEThe unofficial Max song (Max is in the title, but the song isn't part of the series)
DDR EXTREMESequel to #4
DDR EXTREME 2See the hint in #5
DDR EXTREME 2Faster version of #8
DDR SUPERNOVAThe Jondi & Spesh version of #2
DDR SUPERNOVAA new Maxx series sond by 100-200-400
DDR SUPERNOVAA remix of #11
DDR SUPERNOVAA spiritual successor to a song by DE-SIRE
DDR SUPERNOVAA song full of fake difficulty due to mass stopping.
DDR SUPERNOVA 2Similar to the term for a missed Freeze Arrow
GameSong NameHint
DDR SUPERNOVA 2Only boss from this game to not have a Challenge chart (also the Extra Stage)
DDR SUPERNOVA 2Same as #12
DDR SUPERNOVA 2A new entry to the #5 series.
DDR SUPERNOVA 2A 'trip to the underworld' caused Jun to write this song.
DDR XThe worst Challenge chart of the game do to a lot of shock arrows.
DDR XShares some title with #22 (On the B_____)
DDR XShares some title with #21 (On the B_____)
DDR XCover art shows crosshairs pointed at a butterfly.
DDR XThe first of 3 versions
DDR XThe remix of #24 made in responce to this planet not being considered one anymore.
DDR X2A remix of #24 and 25 that has a horrid stepchart more 'Chaos-esque' than it's own series.
DDR X2Title drop song by NAOKI
DDR X2A song by jun with a heart in it's name (Don't put the heart though :P)
DDR X2New evolved song (At the time)
DDR X2A 'Groove Radar Special' of an older song

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