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What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
Which recording artist sang Yeah x 3?
How many faces are on a dodecahedron?
What element's atomic symbol is RH?
What is the world's second largest country?
8 times 4 is?
Quick! Spell hbjefoauogmefioamgehaoim!
What is the professional way of saying pee?
What language originated from Canton, China?
Which sports had legends Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr?
Name a hopping animal in Australia?
Who has won the most Oscars?
Ontario is a place in Canada, and a city in which American State?
Mike Myers is also known as?
Deadliest Warrior Season Two, who won? Zande Warrior or Aztec Jaguar?
Big Bang Theory, Sheldon _________?
121 to 11, 144 to ?
At what age did Bill Gates become a billionaire?
Toronto Blue Jays #19 is...?
20 times 20 time 20 is..??

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