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Can you name the information about Severus Snape?

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Teaches this subject for 5 of Harry's years
Teaches this subject for 1 of Harry's years
Head of this Hogwarts House
No longer a teacher, but this in what would have been Harry's 7th year
Killed this person (on this person's orders)
Made unbreakable vow with this person
Home town
Is in love with this woman
Middle Name
Mother's maiden name
Self-given nickname
Nickname given by his enemies
HIs signature slashing spell (that he created)
Spell he created that dangles a person upside down
Spell he created that causes buzzing to others allowing conversation not to be overheard
Probably the best wizard at this branch of mind closing magic
His patronus
Sent this to Harry at the Forrest of Dean
Along with Voldemort, the only wizards that can do this
Killed by
His last words.

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