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Vandalism and arson committed by a group of proslavery men in Lawrence, the free-state capital of Kansas Territory
A solution to the slavery crisis by which territorial residents, not Congress, would decide slavery's fate
Proslavery draft written in 1857 by Kansas territorial delegates elected under questionable circumstances; it was rejected by two governors, supported by President Buchanan, adn de
The four-step compromise which admitted California as a free state, allowed the residents of the New Mexico and Utah territories to decide the slavery issue for themselves, ended t
Banking crisis that caused a credit crunch in the North; it was less severe in teh South, where high cotton prices spurred a quick recovery
The name for the violence between pro- and antislavery forces in Kansas Territory after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Series of debates in the 1858 Illinois senatorial campaign during which Douglas and Lincoln staked out their differing opinions on the issue of slavery
The candidate who remained silent on the issue of slavery and ultimately won the Election of 1848
Anti-immigrant party formed from the wreckage of the Whig Party and some disaffected northern democrats in 1854
New England abolitionist John Brown's ill-fated attempt to free Virginia's slaves with a raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia in 1859
The law that required the authorities in the North to assist Southern slave catchers and return runaway slaves to their owners
National party formed in 1860, mainly by former Whigs, that emphasized allegiance to the Union and strict enforcement of all national legislation
The law passed in 1854 creating the Kansas and Nebraska Territories but leaving the question of slavery open to residents, thereby repealing the Missouri Compromise
Party that emerged in the 1850s in the aftermath of the bitter controversy over the Kansas-Nebraska Act, consisting of former Whigs, some Northern Democrats, and many Know-Nothings
Nation proclaimed in Montgomery, Alabama, in February 1861, after the seven states of the Lower South seceded from teh United States
The amendment which banned slavery in any territory gained from Mexico
Supreme Court ruling, in a lawsuit brought by Dred Scott, a slave demanding his freedom based on his residence in a free state, that slaves could not be U.S. citizens and that Cong
A fort located in Charleston, South Carolina, where President Lincoln attempted to provision federal troops in 1861, triggering a hostile response from on-shore Confederate forces,
The Illinois senator who passed the Compromise of 1850 by breaking it into smaller parts
The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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