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Can you name the Deified Greek mortals?

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A - Hero of the Trojan War
A - King of Aegina, later appointed a Judge of the Dead in the Underworld
A - King of Thessaly made the King of the Winds by Zeus
A - A hero of the war of the Seven against Thebes, later an oracular spirit of the underworld
A - A Cretan princess who became an immortal wife of Dionysus
A - Thessalian hero who became the god of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing and hunting
A - A Thessalian physician who was struck down by Zeus but later recovered by his father Apollo
A - A consort of Cybele, granted immortality as one of her attendants
C - One of the Dioscuri (divine twins)
P - Another of the Dioscuri
E - Lover of Selene, granted eternal sleep so as to never age or die
G - A handsome Trojan prince, abducted by Zeus and made cup-bearer of the gods
G - The fisherman's sea god, made immortal after eating a magical herb
H - A princess of the Island of Naxos who leapt into the sea with her sister P to escape their step-father's wrath; Apollo transformed them into demi-goddesses
P - The other princess of the Island of Naxos, sister of H
H - An ascended hero
M - A king of Crete, when he died he became a Judge of the Dead in the Underworld
I - A Theban princess who became the sea goddess Leucothea
P - Wife of P of the Dioscuri
H - Wife of C of the Dioscuri
O - An Athenian princess abducted by Boreas and made the goddess of cold, gusty mountain winds
P - A Theban prince, made into a sea god along with his mother, I
P - Goddess of the soul
R - A Cretan lawmaker, when he died he was appointed as a Judge of the Dead in the Underworld

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