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When protons have a negative charge and vice versa.A
An exploding meteoriteB
Aquila, Hydrus, Ophiucus, etc.C
the change in wavelength, sound, or light emitted by an object in relation to an observer's positionD
The two points that the Sun crosses through the celestial equatorE
Bright spots on the Sun's surfaceF
When galaxies or clusters in between an object and an observer bend light from said object and cause the observer to see duplicate or strange images G
The farther a galaxy is from us the faster it is moving awayH
Mercury and Venus are the only _______ I
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are the only _______J
The ring of ice and asteroids past Neptune's orbitK
A disk-shaped galaxy with no clear structure within itL
The Andromeda Galaxy's other nameM
A cloud of dust and gas in spaceN
When one object blocks the light and visibility of another objectO
The point where a planet is closest to the sun in its orbitP
An unusually bright objects in the depths of the universe, holding immense amounts of energy Q
A long valley on the moonR
The center of a black holeS
Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth are ______T
The darkest point an eclipse affectsU
A mega cluster of galaxies 60 million light years awayV
Rare massive stars that lose mass at a very high rate and W
A type of powerful electromagnetic radiationX
The hypothesized primordial matter before the big bangY
The point directly overhead an observerZ

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