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Can you name the Advantages of Optics over Electronics?
and the Disadvantages?
Electromagnetic Model
Light can be modelled as a 
and a 
The number of cycles per second of a wave is the: 
The length from one spot on a cycle to the same spot in the next cycle: 
Speed of propagation (v) = 
The time take for one cycle of the wave to propagate: 
which = 
____chromatic means one specific frequency 
This kind of interference results in increased amplitude: 
. . . and this one decreased amplitude: 
Collimated light has a constant: 
Energy of a photon = 
Light is said to be polarised if its ____ field vector 
oscillates in ____ plane. 
The Lens
The light quantity transmitted is bounded by circumference and . . .  
(D/2) / f = 
which is a measure of : 
A lens creates the smallest possible spot at the: 
The Polariser
only lets light polarised in one : 
A polariser which is usually rotated to block light: 
The Beamsplitter
A beamsplitter ______ half the light . . . 
and _____ the other half which is orthoganal to the first half. 
Sources of Light
Electrons ride on: 
and always try to minimize their energy by falling to the _____ 
An atom releases a photon when an atom: 
Spontaneous Emission can be induced by: 
Freespace wavelength = (_____) / E 
Stimulated emission works on the fact that an electron can have its energy taken by a passing . . .  
The resulting photon is . . . 
We need more atoms in an excited state than in ground state to continue the cascade process, this is called . . . 
The Laser
Laser light is . . . 
and . . . 
Laser Requirements
Laser Mediums
electrical discharge through . . . 
intense radiation from a flash tube 
injection of current 
flash lamp 

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