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Forced Order
PlotFinal Fantasy
Eco-Warrior clone attempts to stop celestial calamity.
The four elemental crystals are destroyed despite amnesiac aliens defence.
Four orphans are accidently taught to fight adverse weather-conditioned evil by friendly crystal.
Mist ridden world is saved by thief from another.
Youngsters look for dragoons and fight enemies who like to simply 'return from hell' after defeat.
Classic fantasy tale plays out designed by company looking to make their ultimate game count.
Moody students forget things and stop time.
Half-magic woman joins a motley crew destined to destroy magic itself.
Dream man sets out on pilgrimmage to stop recurring dream.
Evil twin causes havoc, urchin tries to fly.
Trio of archaeologist seek out lost memories while conflict ensues.
Job-curious character travels to the moon and destorys giant robot along the way.

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