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AWOL is acceptable on second reference.
The Arabic phrase for 'God is great.'
Stock in a company known for its long-established record of making money and paying dividends.
A registered trademark. Unless the trademark name is important to the story, use 'cushioning' or 'packaging material.'
Use this rather than 'Kampuchea' in datelines.
Be careful in the use of this colloquial term for 'police officer.'
Avoid the term. The preferred form is to say that an individual cannot hear or speak.
It means more than a problem. It means a choice between two unattractive alternatives.
This word often is added to formal titles to denote that individuals who have retired retain their rank or title
Not a formal title. Do not capitalize, even when used before the name of a chief of state's wife.
Capitalize when used as a collective name for journalism and journalists.
Ground hominy
Do not use this pronoun in reference to nations or ships, except in quoted matter
The island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
'Despite' means the same thing and is shorter.
No hyphen, no space, lowercase 'm.' Headquarters is in Troy, Mich.
Use this term to mean the whole of something, or the best or biggest portion. Do not use it to mean majority.
The 'i' in this designation for a type of Russian fighter is lowercase because it is the Russian word for 'and.'
After the Vatican, the world's smallest state.
No longer the U.S. Weather Bureau.
Do not put a 12 in front of it
A trademark for a board used in seances.
Avoid the term, which is often derogatory, in referring to farm laborers.
Capitalize only when referring specifically to any of several races of unusually small African or Asian peoples.
The preferred spelling for the Muslim holy book.
It is recited or said, never read. Always lowercase.
Do not use as a synonym for a plan or a project.
Use the term sparingly. See 'elderly.'
TB is acceptable on second reference.
This diacritical mark (two dots placed over a vowel to change its sound) should not be used in standard AP transmissions
Capitalize when referring specifically to the religion, practiced primarily in Haiti and parts of Africa.
It is measured in bushels domestically, in metric tons for international trade.
For 'extensible markup language,' used to sort, search and format information.
Applicable to boys and girls from age 13 until 18th birthday.
The effort of the Jews to regain and retain their biblical homeland.

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