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Can you name the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

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Main Character
First Monster Percy ever met
Number of Cabins at Camp Half-Blood
God-food fed to campers
God-drink given to campers
Colour of Camp Half-Blood T-shirts
Type of currency used in Iris-messages
What are the 3 old ladies knitting when Percy sees them?
What is Grover?
Percy's spoil of war from his battle with the Minotaur?
The 'D' in Mr. D
Child of Ares tries to stuff Percy's head down the toilet
The cabin Percy is first put in
Clarisse uses an electric ... What?
Where the Oracle is found
Another name for the Furies
The name of Grover's uncle
Name of the monster that owns the water-bed shop
Name of the poodle that gives them advice
The American monument where Percy meets Echidna
The God that buys them cheesburgers
What Annabeth uses to distract Cerberus
The Lightning Thief is....
The material used in making weapons at Camp Half-Blood
Mount Olympus is on top of ...

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