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SGC stands for
Leader of SG1
Tech-expert on SG1
archeologist/translator/ancient expert on SG1
Alien on SG1, AKA 'Muscles'
Thief to later join SG1
Leader to replace O'Neill
Civilian leader of the Atlantis expedition
Head of security on the Atlantis expedition
Tech-expert on the Atlantis 'SG1' team
First Alien on the Atlantis 'SG1' team
The Runner AKA 'Chewie'
The Gate-Builders
First enemy race to SG1
Ascended beings who attempt to take over the Milky-way galaxy
Race evolved from insects, chased the Ancients out of their galaxy
Human-form replicators, attempt to destroy Atlantis several times
first SG1 doctor
second SG1 doctor
first docter in Atlantis
second Docter in Atlantis
First Earth hyperspace-worthy vessel
Second generation intersteller battlecruiser
airforce-produced fighter jet built for outer-atmospheric dogfighting
the precurser to the X302 design, callsign 'Digger One'
Daedaus-class battlecruiser given to the Russian Airforce
Daedalus-Class vessel rushed into service to fight the Lussian Alliance, later equiped with a ZPM
Battlecruiser renamed in honor of the first leader of the SGC, ship formerly known as the 'Phoenix'
Goa'uld who starts ancient earth culture
Mate of the afore mentioned goa'uld, who apears throughout earth mythology as the Goddess of love/sexuality
culture inspired by Ra
Goa'uld who takes over the system lords and launches an attack on earth, creators of the super-soldiers
servants of the Goa'uld
Stargate AKA by the Goa'uld
The stargate is a superconductor madeup of______
the Ori ship
Goa'uld ship
Gate-Ship-class named by John Sheppard
Ancient Battleship
Atlantis is one of the Ancient _______
Race allied to the Ancients, the Furlings, and the Nox. Later they hint that Humans from earth could become 'the fifth race'
Goa'uld fighter
Goa'uld cargo ship
Goa'uld medium-range bomber
Wraith largest vessel
Smaller wraith vessel
Wraith fighter
Asgard vessel first seen
asgard Vessel in honor of SG1
most seen Asgard, and high commander of the Fleet
Asgard aboard the Daedalus
Rogue Agard who expiriments of humands
Asgard are the gods is which Earth mythology
Asgard are subject to genetic degradation due to being...
Planet found by Jack when an ancient database is uploaded into his head (the first time). SG1 goes there to find an ancient weapon to use against Anubis.
one of the planets Jackson looks for at Atlantis, also known as Valos Cor
the other planet Jackson looks for at Atlantis, also known as Taoth Vaclarush
The Sangraal is commonly refered to as what in earth mythology
the seventh symbol in a gate address is the ______
the book that the Ori preach from is called...
what is the name of the Chinese warship? (If answer was 'no') input 'incorrect'
The ZMP draws energy from a
person on SG1 who dies/mortally wounded is _____

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