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What is the only legendary Pokémon that can be either Male or Female?
If there were a Pokémon with all 18 existing types, what would be its only weakness?
Originally, the Legendary Bird Trio of Kanto was going to have a different Pokémon instead of Moltres. What Pokémon was this?
Game Freak is really smart, so they included a reference in Gen I of a Gen V Pokémon. What Pokémon would this be?
What is the only Pokémon that can change its gender when it evolves?
What is the only Pokémon that cannot learn ANY Normal type move?
How many Pokémon exist, as of Gen VI?
In Gen II (Gold,Silver,Crystal) there were 2 new types introduced, making the total 17. Can you name one of them?
What is the only starter Pokémon that has 2 typings in its base form (excluding Gen VII)?
What is the only Pokémon with a dual typing that is weak to both its typings?
What is the only Pokémon that, due to its ability, technically has no weakness?
What is the most common ability amongst Legendary Pokémon?
What is the single type with the less resistances?
What is the only ability that can cause sleep?
What is the only Ground type move that still hits Pokémon with the Levitate ability?

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