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Can you name the Humans in the Artemis Fowl series?

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The other one
French child genius, fascinated by demons
Russian mafiya enforcer
Animal-hating doctor
Professional wrestler called the Jade Princess
One of a matching pair, has a toy monkey
American businessman, stole fairy technology
Bodyguard, youngest to earn a blue diamond tattoo
Tattooed American criminal, named after his shoes
Sicilian enviornmentalist, temporarilly Opal's adoptive father
Bodyguard of a French family
Bodyguard, New Zealand accent, lost his teeth
Russian mafiya boss
Rich Frenchman, does not understand his daughter
Animal rights enthusiast, wife of rich businessman
German banker, has a daughter who loves to talk on the phone
Small child with a love of chocolate
Taiwanese gangster, also has a fascination with demons
Japanese trainer
Reformed criminal, walks with a prosthetic leg
Doctor sent for to cure ailing mother
Irish child genius

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