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QUIZ: Can you name the aDrive Trivia?

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What is aDrive's real name?
What is the name of aDrive's wife?
What is the name of aDrive's dog?
What is aDrive's favourite Pokémon/mascot?
What song did aDrive sing before he proposed?
What is aDrive's favourite Pokémon type?
What was aDrive's first shiny Pokémon?
What game did he find his first shiny in?
What month was aDrive born in?
What is aDrive's favourite colour?
Which baseball team does aDrive support?
Which shiny legendary Pokémon did aDrive find in one encounter?
Which shiny starter Pokémon took over 15,000 encounter to find?
Which Pokémon did aDrive fail at spelling correctly?
What was the first Pokémon aDrive obtained for his Shiny Living Dex?
How many hours did aDrive stream for when Pokémon Sun and Moon were released?
What form of 'locke' did aDrive invent?
Which game did aDrive play before Pokémon?
Fill in the blank: Minnesota _________
What did aDrive nickname his shiny Venomoth in Pokémon X and Y?
Who was aDrive's first opponent in the UCL S1?
Which Pokémon hatched from the first egg in aDrive's Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Mono-Bug Egglocke?
Which season of the GBA did aDrive win?
Which shiny Pokémon made aDrive swear?
How many episodes are in aDrive's Mono-Ice Egglocke playlist?

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