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In a game of British Monopoly what would it cost to purchase all three pink properties?
In Greek mythology who was the father of Heracles?
Guy Fawkes was born and schooled in which English city?
Which creature features on football club Preston North End's badge?
Who wrote the 'Just William' books?
What was the name of the character played by Edward Woodward in the TV series 'The Equalizer'?
In which city were the Winter Olympic Games held when John Curry won a gold medal for men's figure skating?
Which car company's logo features a prancing black horse?
What is the collective noun for a group of 'Moles'?
Who directed the 1979 film 'The Deerhunter'?
The 'Koh-i-Nor' is a famous diamond but what does it's name translate as?
In nuclear warfare what do the initials 'MAD' stand for?
What is the traditional historic home of the Bishop of London?
What name is given to a working model of the planets and their motion?
What is the anatomical name for the 'armpit'?
Hansen's Disease was previously known as what?
The traditional Christmas treat 'King Cake' takes its name from what?
Who was the teacher of the artist Titian?
Boris Godunov, subject of an opera by Mussorgsky, was the son of which Russian ruler
Who was known as the 'Wizard of Menlo Park'?

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