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Can you name the Vampire Diaries Relationships?

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Forced Order
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Boy' nameRelationsipGirl's name
Damon SalvatoreElena Gilbert
Stefan SalvatoreElena Gilbert
Matt DonovanElena Gilbert
John GilbertElena Gilbert
Grayson GilbertElena Gilbert
Jeremy GilbertElena Gilbert
Tyler LockwoodCaroline Forbes
Matt DonovanCaroline Forbes
Bill ForbesCaroline Forbes
Klaus MichealsonCaroline Forbes
Jeremy GilbertBonnie Bennett
Jaimie WillsonBonnie Bennett
Jeremy GilbertAnna
Jeremy GilbertVicki Donovan
John GilbertIsobel Flemming
Damon SalvatoreKatherine Pierce
Stefan SalvatoreKatherine Pierce
Mason LockwoodKatherine Pierce
Richard LockwoodCarol Lockwood
Tyler LockwoodCarol Lockwood
Bill ForbesLiz Forbes
Stefan SalvatoreRebekah Michealson
Damon SalvatoreRose
Damon SalvatoreAndie Starr
Elijah MichealsonRebekah Michealson
Boy' nameRelationsipGirl's name
Klaus MichealsonEsther Michealson
Kol MichealsonEsther Michealson
TrevorKatherine Pierce
Matt DonovanBonnie Bennett
Rudy Bonnie Bennett
Kol MichealsonElena Gilbert
Damon SalvatoreMary
Alaric SaltzmanJenna Sommers
Logan FellJenna Sommers
Alaric SaltzmanIsobel Flemming
Tyler LockwoodBonnie Bennett
Stefan SalvatoreLexi
Grayson GilbertMiranda Gilbert
Pastor YoungApril Young
Finn MichealsonSage
Tyler LockwoodElena Gilbert
Tyler LockwoodJules
Mikael MichealsonRebekah Michealson
Stefan SalvatoreCaroline Forbes
Kol MichealsonBonnie Bennett
Damon SalvatoreJules
Luka MartinGreta Martin
PearlApril Young

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