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Can you name the the archetype of fantasy that matches each description?

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Tough, willful, and wild, the she abides by her inner compass, regardless of the conventions others try to push on her.
A force of chaos and a catalyst of change whose power stems not from physical size or strength but from craftiness, adaptability, and constant disobedience.
He comes from wild, untamed lands and is tough, warlike, smelly, and brave. Despite being considered a savage, he is often more honorable and intelligent than the civilized
He mirrors the hero, expressing qualities that the hero cannot. He may be mean-spirited, withdrawn, or deeply insecure, but can also offer balance and insight.
He enjoys a unique perspective that allows him to see what others overlook, and a perpetual lightheartedness that seemingly dissolves dangerous situations. He is odd yet wonderful.
He is a brilliant conjurer and valuable teacher. He is a source of sage counsel for those in need and a chief authority on the ways of the universe.
This is no ordinary warrior. The archetypal hero of myth is born with extraordinary gifts and is destined to overcome the greatest evils of his day.
He believes rules are meant to be broken. He is an outlaw with talents for deception, trickery, and swashbuckling adventure.
Gifted with incredible powers at a young age but forced into isolation, the witch usually lives alone and embittered. She is deeply misunderstood and feared by others.
Despite humble origins and modest skills, his courage and good fortune triumph over desperate circumstances.
His ability to see into the future makes him a valuable ally, but his solitary, introverted, and seemingly erratic nature often leads him to be judged unfairly.
His emotional turbulence, underdeveloped sense of morality, and sheer physical power make him an intimidating threat for any hero.
Misanthropic, the last thing he wants is to be a hero, but the story pushes him where he's least comfortable and by acting to save himself they just might save the world.
He is a master combatant, born leader, and trusted guardian whose devotion to duty sustains him on seemingly hopeless quests.
Known for her beauty and virtue, she is at the mercy of villains until she finds her hero.
She maintains a position of high leadership, and is a brave and trusted guardian of her people. She is steady and disciplined, even in times of crisis.
She is kind, beautiful, and patient. She is connected to the concept of Paradise, and this quality makes her more powerful than she appears.
He is often easier to relate to than the hero. He is loyal and can provide a practical and optimistic point of view, even in the darkest of times.
He is born with extraordinary abilities, but faces a painful path of arduous training, dangerous rites of passage, and an unfair burden of responsibility.
He is contentious, determined, and recklessly brave. His uncontrollable impulse for violence and conflict is both the source of his power and his biggest weakness.

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