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QUIZ: Can you name the Degrassi: TNG Characters?

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HintFirst NameLast Name
Riley's boyfriend
Will date Dave in the new season
New character, hit with a football in the hallway
Spirit Squad Captain
Asperger's Syndrome
On football team
Girlfriend killed before this season
Student Council President
Arrested two times in this season
Video taped Manny topless
Left Degrassi to go to an all girls school
Sav's ex
HintFirst NameLast Name
Sister moved to Kenya, parents getting divorced
Friends with Fitz and Owen
Lives in a Group Home
The science teacher is his uncle
Slept with Jane
Openly Gay Captain of the football team
Degrassi's #1 Loser
Fiona's abusive ex
'Self Medicated' champagne
On the spirit squad, has a date with Drew
Is an FTM
Cheated on Alli with Bianca

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