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What was the establishment of permanent settlements?
What was an alternative to sedentary agriculture and is characterized by following the herds in which the herds were domesticated.
In what Chinese dynasty were oracles bones used to communicate with ancestors.
Their alphabet was the basis for alphabets in Greece, Rome and eventually for many modern languages.
The Berber nomads were the most important agents of what trade network?
What overland trade route extended from western China, across Central Asia, and finally to the Mediterranean area?
What was the philosophy of Shi Huangdi?
Which Mauryan emperor converted to Buddhism?
Who was the founder of Daoism?
What early religion influenced Judaism and thrived out of the Middle East?
What is the Islamic house of worship which contains the black stone?
What is the term that came to refer to the entire population of Muslim believers?
What was Mali’s capital, which became the center of trade, education and sophistication?
What French scholar preached an extreme form of Protestantism in the Protestant Reformation?
Who led the Mongols into conquering much of Asia?
Famous traveler and left his home for the first time to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
What new belief system reconciled Chinese philosophy with Buddhism?
European towns connected to long distance routes, they used financial innovations like banks and bills of exchange.
What Mesoamerican civilization established an extensive road system?
What term is associated with the significance of the Bantu migrations?
What epidemic was carried through rats?
This man believed that the people and government should agree to a social contract. The people’s natural rights should be protected.
What philosopher said “it is better to be feared than loved?”
What Renaissance invention allowed ideas to spread rapidly?
Who invented this invention?
What Islamic group believed in the Hidden Imam?
What sect of Islam did these people belong to?
This philosophical movement influenced the French Revolution.
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks?
Who was the 18th century philosopher who developed a theory regarding population growth?
The Industrial Revolution began in England for what reason?
What document illustrates the class struggle between the proletariats and the bourgeoisie?
Economic and technological transformations occurred during this time period.
What theory states that human society operates through a system of natural selection?
Who is considered to be the father of Mexican Independence.
Indian Muslims and Indian Hindus that revolted within the British Army.
These were the three leaders of Italian unification.
What were their nicknames?
Which absolute monarch established warm water ports in Russia.
Who was the leader of the Muslim League from 1913 to 1947?
This is the policy of building a nation's wealth by exporting more goods than it imports.
At which conference did diplomats settle what territory they would conquer Africa
Who led this conference?
In what revolution was the Japan modernized and the Tokugawa was removed?
The Berlin wall was put up in this year.
The Berlin wall was taken down in this year.
What event immediately instigated the commencement of World War I?
Who was the Leader of the Haitian Revolution?
Saddam Hussein carried out horrid acts towards which group of people?
Peninsulares carried out human rights violations with this system.
Who carried out the genocide in Rwanda?
During the 1990s, he used his army to terrorize ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, who were asking for self rule.
Who founded the first empire of Mesopotamia?
What is the code of conduct created by Confucius?
What writing style was used in ancient Mesopotamia?
What was the name of the record-keeping system created by the Andean cultures using knots and strings?
What were the largest cities in the Indus River Valley?
What Indian book was a collection of hymns composed in sanskrit?
Who were the two founders of Judaism
What was the sacred text of Zoroastrianism?
What church was founded by Henry VIII during the Protestant Reformation?
What was the first Persian Dynasty?
What nomadic group were involved in the fall of the Han Empire?
What ideal stated that only virtuous rulers who were given the sacred right deserved to rule?
Who was the founder of Zoroastrianism?
What was the name of the civil war that took place between Athens and Sparta in 431 B.C.E.?
What action legalized Christianity by Emperor Constantine in 313 C.E.
What charter guaranteed nobility certain rights and limited the power of monarchs?
What was the name of the group of people who dominated trade in the Baltic region during the Middle Ages?
What architecture style was popular during the Middle Ages?
Who was the most powerful ruler of the Abassid Caliphate?
What dynasty preceded the Abassid Caliphate?
What Venetian explorer was famous for visiting Kublai Khan's China?
What dynasty was present when this explorer voyaged to China.
What two shogunates ruled Japan prior to its fall in the 16th century?
What was the chief city of the Aztecs?
What German monk protested the sale of indulgences by the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation?
What French monarch was referred to as 'The Sun King?'
What Polish astronomer founded the Heliocentric Theory?
What was the book published by Adam Smith in support of capitalism?
Which conquistador took over the Aztec Empire?
Which conquistador took over the Incan Empire?
Who was the greatest of the Ottoman sultans?
What was the last dynasty of China?
Who founded the Mughal Empire?
What term refers to Islamic law?
What is known as Robespierre's efforts to attack anti-revolutionaries and traitors?
Where was Napoleon Bonaparte defeated at the hands of the Duke of Wellington?
What is known as the incident in which the French army and government falsely blamed a Jewish officer for leaking military secrets to Germany following the Franco-Prussian War?
What English author was considered the founder of European feminism?
What law was imposed by Parliament, which enclosed open fields and common land in the country?
What was the name of the failed revolution in which China attempted to resist foreign domination?
What was Germany's strategy for World War I in an effort to deal with a two-front war?
What were the elite troops of the Ottoman sultans called?
What was known as the genocide of Chinese civilians by Japan in 1936?
What agreement established the Jewish homeland of Palestine?
What was the name of the government of China following the fall of the dynastic cycle?
Who was its first leader?
What Soviet military bloc was used to oppose NATO?
What was the name of the artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957?

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