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How many children did Apu and Manjula have?
Who is the obese police chief of Springfield?
What is the pale, ill child attending Springfield Elementary?
What musical instrument does Lisa Simpson play?
Who is Homer Simpson's boss at the Nuclear Power Plant?
Where do Marge's sisters work?
What did the Valentine's Day card from Lisa to Ralph read?
Who are the sisters of Marge?
What article of clothing and Bart claim is lucky?
Who is the odd farm owner in Springfield?
Who is the founder of Springfield?
Who is Bart's favorite Comic Book Hero?
Who is the groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary?
Who is Krusty the Clown's sidekick in his television show?
Who are the aliens in the Treehouse of Horror episodes?
What is Homer's position at the Power Plant before he becomes the safety inspector?
What did Homer give Marge for her birthday that printed his own name?
What is the name of the studio where the Krusty the Clown show is aired?
Who is the famous actor in Springfield?
Who is Krusty's father?
What is the largest beer brand in Springfield?
Who is the drunk barfly at Moes Tavern?
Who are the partners of the police chief of Springfield?
What is Homer's favorite food at the Nuclear Power Plant?
What is the boxing video game that Homer struggles to beat Bart in?
What is the exclusive club in which Homer was deemed the chosen one?
Who is the intelligent professor of Springfield?
Who is the district psychiatrist that declares Bart is a genius?
Who is the genius boy at Springfield Elementary?
Who shot Mr. Burns?
Who is Bart's teacher at Springfield Elementary?
What street do the Simpson's live on?
What is Bart's graffiti tag?
Who is the belly dancer that works at Florence of Arabia?
Who is the incompetent lawyer in Springfield?
Who is the incompetent salesman in Springfield?
Who plagiarized Itchy and Scratchy from another representation of the characters?
What is the nonviolent cartoon that the Simpsons watch?
What is the name of the three-eyed orange fish?
Who is the foreign exchange student from Germany?
Who is the Bus driver at Springfield Elementary?
Who framed Krusty the Clown for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart?
What is the rival town of Springfield whose residents stole the iconic lemon tree?
Where does Abe Simpson live?
Who is the Principal at Springfield Elementary
What jazz musician did Lisa admire?
Who are Homer's best friends at the Nuclear Power Plant?
What crime was Marge charged for when she was arrested?
Who is Krusty the Clown's Monkey Sidekick?
Who is Lisa's influential substitute teacher that she admires?
What is the corporation under Hank Scorpio that Homer works for?
Who is the incompetent foreign doctor in Springfield?
What dog racetrack did Bart and Homer find thier dog?
Who is the mascot for Springfield's most famous beer brand?
What video game did Bart steal from the Try N Save?
Who is Lisa's teacher in Springfield Elementary?
What is the popular fast food restaurant in Springfield?
What is Homer's nickname for his neighbor?
Who is the homosexual assistant of Mr. Burns?
What is the name of the Patty and Selma's iguana?
What was the drink created by Homer Simpson that Moe became famous for?
Who is the Italian restaurant owner in Springfield?
Who is the unlucky old-looking man in Springfield?
Who is the big-breasted vampire actress on Channel 6?
Who is Bart's best friend?
Who is the doctor of Springfield General Hospital
Who are the three bullies who sneak into the Aztec Theater?
Who was Marge's prom date?
Who is the blissfully ignorant child in Lisa's second grade class?
Who is the Spanish television actor on Channel 6?
Who is the superintendent of the Springfield school district?
What religion is Krusty the Clown?
What famous singer helped get Bart out of the well when he was stuck in it?
What bar does Homer drink beer at?
What was Barney's plow name?
Who is Homer's long-lost brother?
What was the name of the puppet that got Krusty cancelled?
What is the name of the Simpson family cat?
Who is the proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart?
Who is the captain of the sea in Springfield?
Who is the owner of the gun shop in Springfield?
Who is the family therapist that experiments with the Simpsons?
Who is the news reporter of Channel 6 News?
Who is the famous professional boxer of Springfield?
Who is the founder of Itchy and Scratchy?
What is the name of the Simpsons dog?
What was Homer's bowling team name?
Who is the celebrity that Bart admires?
Who is the Mayor of Springfield?
Who owns the Android's Dungeon?
Who are the female twins at Springfield Elementary?
Who is the leader of the mafia in Springfield?
What is the name of Bart's boy band led by LT Smash?
What is the sugary beverage served at the Kwik-E-Mart?
What is the name of the mascot of the Springfield Isotopes?
What is the largest soda brand in Springfield?
What collection does Waylon Smithers own?
What was Homer's plow name?
What new character of Itchy and Scratchy was played by Homer?
Who is the school bully at Springfield Elementary known for his phrase 'ha-ha'?

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