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Can you name the 18 Strange 'Facts' About The North Korean Leader?

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He loved ...His Mother - Slumber Parties - Waterslides
He was born under a double ...Rainbow - Room - Roof
He was afraid of ...Porn - London - Flying
He could control the ...UK - Weather - Moon
He kidnapped two directors to remake ...Titanic - Kung Fu Panda - Godzilla
He was suspected of killing his ... at age fiveBrother - Mother - Girlfriend
He drank $700k worth of ... a yearRicard - Coconut Juice - Cognac
He did not use ... - because he didn't need toComputers - Toilets - Cucumbers
His son Kim Jong Un is obsessed with the ...Premier League - NBA - Olympics
He forced Staff to become drug ...Addicts - Dealers - Developers
He ... donkeysRode - Warshiped - Ate
He had many, many ...Parrots - Titles - Calculators
He was a ... obsessiveRice - Quarry - Shoe
He invented the ... Hamburger - United Kingdom - Olympics
He forced ... to have cosmetic surgeryApes - Women - Elderly
He kidnapped ... peopleBlue Eyed - Thin - Short
He wrote .... books in college15 - 150 - 1500
He was an excellent ... playerGolf - Poker - Guitar

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