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Can you name the motion pictures from this critic's extreme opinions about movies that are 'great' and movies that are 'bad?'

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'Matthew Broderick is such a STUPID son for James Earl Jones!'1994*
'What a FANTASTIC choice casting Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor!'2006
'Those brothers have a really STUPID religious, vigilante code!'1999
'I hate Facebook. It's so STUPID!'2010
'Robert De Niro hates a moose and flying squirrel. That's as FANTASTIC as it gets!'2000
'Russell Crowe has a FANTASTIC voice!'2012
'Seeing Jar Jar for the first time, what a FANTASTIC character!'1999
'A plastic bag in the wind is so, so STUPID!'1999
'Frank is a STUPID name for giant, freaky rabbit thing!'2001
'Coconuts plus no horses equals STUPID!'1975
'That's so FANTASTIC Mewtwo vs. Mew, oh yeah!'1998*
'The Dude is so freakin' STUPID!'1998
'Aliens finally meet the Predators. That's FANTASTIC!'2004
'A kid's parents being turned into pigs is incredibly STUPID!'2001*
'Richard Gere did the most FANTASTIC tap dance ever!'2002
'It's so heartbreaking and FANTASTIC, Jean killing Cyclops!'2006
'Slavery is STUPID, just like this movie!'2013
'Just 1 pub and zombies is just STUPID!'2004
'Edward Norton looked really STUPID fighting Brad Pitt!'1999
'Steve Rogers is FANTASTIC even when he's small!'2011
'Replicants is a STUPID name for androids!'1982
'That was one STUPID day off!'1986
'Aliens in slums, such a FANTASTIC idea!'2009
'12 pubs in one movie is FANTASTIC!'2013
'Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny make a FANTASTIC team!'1996
'FANTASTIC Rorschach's finally on the big screen and it was awesome!'2009

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