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Forced Order
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This story beginsDe Niro teams up with Leone
with aTimothy Olyphant is an assassin
namedStallone as a boxing senior
who wasDarth Vader is Eddie Murphy's dad
He was hired by'Say hello to my little friend!'
to take outCostner as Eliot Ness
He succeeded, andBefore Sunset (2004) there was...
he hadAudrey 'goes lightly down the street'
to celebrate. He then dumped the bodies in aEastwood directs Penn
but one of them was stillRugby team stranded in the Andes mountains
and he was aGibson is suicidal and Glover is 'getting too old for this poop!'
However,Stallone boxing for the FIRST time
was an'In space no one can here you scream.'
which made him verySeagal's second film
TheirTravolta vs. Cage
was like anThis movie spoof is anything but 'Epic'
AfterEddie Murphy's film debut
the survivor,Michael J. Fox as a talking rodent
finally avenged hisMaguire and Gyllenhaal are siblings
and later usedPresident Harrison Ford
to fly toA Zebra and a Lion are best friends
where he metNeurotic 'Singer' jokes about cat skills
They were marriedDanny Boyle + zombie apocalypse = classic
and planned to raiseHow many deadly sins are there?
kids likeSteve and Michael con women
But onJason Voorhees
(name of assassin)Stallone boxing for the FIRST time
found them both. He collected hisBen Affleck sends himself clues
and went back to hisHarry and Marv plot to rob Kevin
inRichard Gere tap dances
The moral of the story: make sure your enemy is aWhoopi wins an Oscar
if you wish to live happilyBarrymore loses her slipper

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