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InitialsMovieYear and Lead Actor/Actress
AAE(1950) - Anne Baxter
TDTESS(1951) - Michael Rennie
SITR(1952) - Gene Kelly
RH(1953) - Audrey Hepburn
OTW(1954) - Marlon Brando
TSYI(1955) - Marilyn Monroe
TS(1956) - John Wayne
POG(1957) - Kirk Douglas
COAHTR(1958) - Elizabeth Taylor
NBN(1959) - Cary Grant
TMS(1960) - Yul Brynner
WSS(1961) - Natalie Wood
TKAM(1962) - Gregory Peck
TGE(1963) - Steve McQueen
DSOHILTSWALTB(1964) - Peter Sellers
InitialsMovieYear and Lead Actor/Actress
TSOM(1965) - Julie Andrews
AMFAS(1966) - Paul Scofield
TDD(1967) - Lee Marvin
POTA(1968) - Charlton Heston
BCATSK(1969) - Paul Newman
LS(1970) - Ali MacGraw
TFC(1971) - Gene Hackman
TPA(1972) - Ernest Borgnine
AG(1973) - Richard Dreyfuss
BS(1974) - Cleavon Little
TMWWBK(1975) - Sean Connery
TOJW(1976) - Clint Eastwood
SATB(1977) - Burt Reynolds
DOTD(1978) - Ken Foree
LOB(1979) - Graham Chapman

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