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Can you name the movie by the events that OBVIOUSLY happened after it was over?

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After the movieMovieYear
OBVIOUSLY: The spinning totem fell... or not.
OBVIOUSLY: They kissed and then had an awesome dance in a train station.
OBVIOUSLY: Randy 'The Ram' landed on his opponent.
OBVIOUSLY: Someone other than that rat found Colin's body.
OBVIOUSLY: They fought The Underminer
OBVIOUSLY: After Mr. Burbank escaped, his show was cancelled indefinitely.
OBVIOUSLY: Sean Archer won't have to take off his face again.
OBVIOUSLY: Vincent and Jules went to see Marsellus.
OBVIOUSLY: He ate his 'friend' for dinner.
OBVIOUSLY: The rat and the turtles stopped dancing on the roof and went back to the sewers.
OBVIOUSLY: Eliot Ness had a drink.
After the movieMovieYear
OBVIOUSLY: The Extra-Terrestrial got back home.
OBVIOUSLY: There's more than one Great White Shark in the ocean. Enter the sequels.
OBVIOUSLY: Don Corleone got off the bench eventually.
OBVIOUSLY: Butch and the Kid died.
OBVIOUSLY: Blondie rode off with his half, Tuco wants to ride off with his half and Angel Eyes can't do anything.
OBVIOUSLY: James and Galore went at it. You know what I mean.
OBVIOUSLY: The mad, mad, mad, mad treasure hunters stopped laughing. It wasn't that funny.
OBVIOUSLY: Ms. Harrington's new acquaintance is going to screw her over when she gets the chance.
OBVIOUSLY: Rick and Louis are going to have a beautiful friendship.
OBVIOUSLY: They moved the body. Let's face it a dead giant ape is the worst kind of road block.
OBVIOUSLY: The Tramp got the not-so blind girl.

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