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Professor ____ Heywood, AKA Citizen Steel
How the Joker wants Batman to feel about him
Jervis Tetch's favourite type of headwear
The childhood fear of Bruce Wayne
Selina Kyle's favourite animals
The Green Arrow has a lot of ____ and scrapes
Drinking items which sometimes have superheroes on for children
Baby dogs who probably wouldn't like Catwoman
Public Houses, you might find Aquaman at one
Ironic jokes which are often not intended
Sugary snacks which sometimes have a hot cross on
Restrictions, such as Bruce Wayne not being allowed to kill
Catwoman stores catnip in these
The opposite of can, describes Batman's ability to fly
Batman might do this if he tries to fight Bane without weapons
The Joker has a higher one of these than the Riddler on the most wanted criminals list.
Villains often rob this place
How Mad Dog would communicate
Oliver Queen always gets up with the ____
Professor Pyg probably wouldn't like you feeding this to the birds
The difficulty of defeating Darkseid
The Joker fell into a vat of acid, but somehow it did him no ____
Where Superman was brought up
Clayface can take many a ____
What the Lazarus Pit does when it is destroyed
The criminals in Gotham do this freely a lot
What the Bat Family has probably run out of in the Bat Cave
The noise a bomb makes if a hero doesn't defuse it in time
Determined to become Wally West's worst enemy
In Batman Vs Superman, Superman finally met his ____
Scooby's last name with an extra O
You might shout this at villains
Batman an Robin's choice of footwear
Owlman might make this noise
Jason Todd is the Red ____
Heroes are on the side of...
What all DC Characters eat
What the Black Canary kicks people with
What Batman might do if he was in the Batmobile and somebody got in the way
Run at a moderate pace with short steps
Past tense of tred
Present tense of trod
Ace the Bat-Hound was either a rescue or he was ____
Professor ____, a big name on the homeless scene in Gotham City and friend of Anima.
Heroes do good ones, villains do bad ones
Solomon Grundy isn't alive, but rather...
The Riddler's most useful tool
The material that Kryptonians can't see through
Tim Drake did this with the Robin mantle while he was away, giving it to Stephanie Brown
The 40 days before Easter
What a metal pole will be if Superman touches it
A collection of Bronze Tiger, the last Doctor Fate, and Ben 10
Three French ____
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